Saturday, 19 November 2011

Issue 1

This week sees the launch of a new biannual magazine, The Hunger, brought to us from Rankin;  photographer and publisher of Dazed & Confused, AnOther, and AnOther Man. Described as seeking "cultural progression and distinction," the publication will no doubt fly off shelves, perhaps for no greater reason than Rankin's reputation. 

But what really breaks the mould about this new magazine is the simultaneous launch of (live now). The site is a stimulating visual experience, filled with exclusive in-depth interviews and fashion films of those in the magazine. The website successfully addresses the current issues of fashion communication as it openly embraces the move towards digital technology in combination with the glossy. The move towards video to me feels like what should be the future of fashion publication.

"Cheryl Cole feels the heat in our bright, dancehall-inspired shoot." Usually I'm not the greatest fan of Cheryl in a fashion context, but her made-down appearance for the shoot portrays a new side to the singer. Music is provided by The Alpines and coincidentally is one of my favourite current tracks.

"A weird and wonderful journey for Tuuli as she wanders the streets of LA." This futuristic, monochromatic clip depcits the story of a troubled female space-like character and is visually impressive.
"Portia Freeman models plastic and transparency for The Hunger, exploring the world of the hyperreal." Glamorous and full of lustre, this video is player over another great track by Boys Noize and somehow makes cellophane sexy.

Of course, Rankin is known for his photography. Links to some of the amazing stills are available on the site. 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Kiss May Be Grand

Marilyn Monroe, the much loved peroxide blonde who went from nude model to Hollywood superstar.
She enticed Hollywood's most eligible men, sang Happy Birthday to the President and was the subject behind THAT white halter-neck dress billowing from the wind of a subway grate.
But despite her iconic status, Monroe herself remains something of a mystery.
This month, the legendary star is celebrated in a film, My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams, which explores Monroe’s relationship with a young English set runner during the making of The Prince and The Showgirl. Williams is taking on a huge role, but from the footage I've seen so far, the blonde star has taken on the role in her stride. Other notable cast members include a host of British actors, including Dominic West, Emma Watson and Dame Judi Dench.

Since the 1950s, Monroe's glamourous yet tragic life has had an enduring effect on popular culture, inspiring artists such as Andy Warhol and Madonna and references to her style are still seen in fashion today, for example in the Prada and Jil Sander S/S12 collections.
My excitement around the upcoming release of this film has lead me into a Miss Monroe frenzy. A quick browse through some of the photographs of the starlet (as well as her long list of memorable quotes) make it easy to understand why the world fell so in love with her; and why present and future generations will to.

"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.""I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it."
"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left."

"If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty."

"I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot."

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Change Begins With A Whisper

Last night, I finally managed to go and see "The Help." I can't deny feeling skeptical about going to see the film adaptation as I was a HUGE fan of Kathyrn Stockett's book. But it's safe to say I was not disappointed. 
Whilst the acting and story-line are superb, what really blew me away were the beautiful costumes.

Costume designer Sharen Davis did such a fantastic job at creating the perfect, pretty dresses we saw on screen. Sculpted out of a sugary pastel palette combined with bold floral prints that are so perfect for the Southern Belles of the film circa 1960.
My favourite adaptation has to be Celia Rae Foote (played by Jessica Chastain). Labelled the 'white trash' wife, this character is shunned by the other Jackson women. Davis gave her a look that was "very Hollywood...but tacky and country" As Celia so looked up to idols of the time, primarily Marilyn Monroe, this was perfect.

Another fantastic adaptation was that of Skeeter (played by Emma Stone.) She's a 23-year-old with a cotton trust fund and a college degree. But to her mother's despair, she is more concerncerned in pusruing her career than a husband. The futher away she moves away from the Junior League mentality of her friends in Jackson, the more she devotes herself - at considerable risk - to a contraversial book featuring the real stories of the black women who work for the white families in her hometown. She breaks all the rules and crosses dangerous lines.

The book itself delved into memorable fashion moments; for example when Skeeter went shopping for her new wardrobe and stocked up on new Pucci dresses! So the task of adapting these exciting written moments onto the screen was no mean feat for Davis (who is also behind the wardrobes of retro hits Dreamgirls and Ray) 
But she gave each character their own colour palette to make sure they looked authentically Jackson, Mississippi. And she succeeded.
To top things off, "The Help" soundtrack is an excellent trip down memory lane. Featuring a great line up with tunes by Johnny Cash and June Carter, Ray Charles, Franki Valli and Chubby Checker, as a standalone mixtape, it's pretty rad. As a soundtrack, it seems no expense was spared and it really added some authenticity to the 1960s set.  I've posted two of my favourites below to finish off.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Toil, Trouble and Tim

Getting into the Hallowe'en spirit today and stumbled across these images from Harper's Bazaar. The images were a collaboration of the wonderful filmmaker Tim Burton and photographer Tim Walker. 

LEFT:Jacket (top)- JEAN PAUL GAULTIER.  Jacket (bottom), and skirt - BALMAIN. Headpiece -SHONA HEATH. Boots - by special order - NINA RICCI
RIGHT:-  "It's showtime!" Left: Dress, hairpin, and necklace - LOUIS VUITTON Belt and booties - GUCCI. Right: Gown - by special order - JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, Cuffs - CC SKYE Pumps - YVES SAINT LAURENT.

LEFT:  Left: Coat - by special order - SALVATORE FERRAGAMO. Dress and shoes - TAO COMME DES GARCONS.  Right: Jacket and gloves - RODARTE, Pants - PHI, Boots - NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD FOR RODARTE.
RIGHT:  Gown with jacket, and boots - by special order - NINA RICCI. Gloves - CAROLINA AMATO.

LEFT: Dress, hat, and boots - ALEXANDER McQUEEN, Gloves - GIORGIO ARMANI. 

No tricks, just a treat for the eyes!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tick Of The Clock

The clocks have moved back, the temperate has dropped - and my annual fascination for an entirely new winter wardrobe is back with a vengeance. These are some of my designer desirables... I want, I need!

LTR: Leggings - THE ROW, Sleeveless Shirt - BALENCIAGA, Grey satchel - PROENZA SCHOULER, Plaid Cotton Shirt -  SEE BY CHLOE, Striped peplum jacket - PROENZA SCHOULER, Basia Top - 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, Chain Rossette Neckpiece -ADAM LIPPES , Grey suede shopper - CELINE, Leopard Loafers - CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Printed Cape - VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, Motorcycle Cardigan - 3.1 PHILLIP LIM

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

'The Power Lyst'

Just discovered the wonder that is after reading this Fashion Future's Article :

"Lyst is a social curation start-up that combines features of Twitter with those of music discovery websites such as, providing members a customized stream of fashion items relevant to their personal tastes."

I'm hooked!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Would you have it any other way?

Named after a painting by Frida Kahlo. Inspired by the suicide of Virginia Woolf. Throw in Florence Welch to the mix and we have yet another piece of musical gold. I literally can't get enough. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


With this Summer’s weather being as indecisive as Nicki Minaj's hair colour, I’ve found myself strangely longing for the Autumn months ahead; purely to gain some clarification in what to wear! This lead me to look at what have been cited our future trends, and it seems once again we find the return of our beloved Tuxedo.

Since Yves Saint Laurent produced the conspicuous “Le Smoking” jacket back in the 1970’s, the tuxedo has been a reoccurring trend in the feminine wardrobe. It is constantly blurring the gender divide of fashion. A classic; but by no means dull.

Previous reinterpretations of the trend have been fairly safe; as I guess the general concept of a feminine woman in a full tux was contrast enough.  But for 2012’s future trend we begin to see that innovative touch we hope for in new catwalk collections; a personalised approach to the two piece tailored uniquely by various design houses. A bit of lace here, some skin flashing there, and a red lip to trop. The simplest, yet most powerful statement.
(LTR: Hakaan; Jason Wu; Emilio Pucci; Chanel)

(LTR: Yves Saint Laurent;  Lanvin; Balmain; Dolce & Gabbanna)

It’s goodbye to the original concept of power shoulders, frills and an over the top a mish-mash of bow ties and bowler hats. But hello to all things wonderful about the initial trend. Can we go wrong with a flash of 70’s glamour? Whether velvet, diamond encrusted or leather, the new seasons Tux is sure to win over us all. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Live Fast, Die Young

When the tragic news of Amy Winehouse's death was posted on Saturday evening, I suspect the wave of regret I felt was ricocheted  the world over. 
A sad truth about music today is that one too few "artists" actually write their own songs as well as to then perform them. She was one of the few. A true talent, a captivating performer and damn, could she sing! She had the amount of soul and essence required to make a grown man weak at the knees; and to turn every song she rasped that beautiful voice around into a hit. She wowed the world, but sadly in the past few years her ability to captivate a crowd was not due to her immense talent but to the addictive and destructive lifestyle she found her way into that was then splashed across the press for the "viewing" of the public. It became worryingly obvious that Amy had found herself down a path of no return and her passing has affected many, but surprised none.

Her young age; the infamous 27, has brought back into the limelight the phenomenon "27 Club." Unnervingly the title comes from the group of influential musicians who all passed at the age of 27. And after recently browsing the "Club" members, I've realised just how vast the numbers are. 
Club 27 really does consist of some of the most notorious musicians who have shaped music standards even in the present day. But we can't help but wonder, where would they be today?  Is it really " better to burn out than to fade away." Well, I guess we'll never know. 

Amy Winehouse: 

Jimi Hendrix:

There are many myths and theories around the Forever 27 Club, such as that the musicians predicted their own deaths. But I feel the Club has enough of our favourites now and I hope the end is here.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What Colour Is Your Day Today?

"If you feel discouraged that there's a lack of colour here... Please don't worry lover,
It's really bursting at the seams. For absorbing everything. The spectrum's a to z"










Monday, 4 July 2011

What A Gas!

For those of you who haven't caught the Draper bug yet; Mad Men is a drama series set in the world of advertising in 1960s New York. 
It is perhaps the most stylish - and best - show on television today.
The successful period design escorts back to the 60's where we are launched into a whirlwind of marriages, affairs, smoking, modernism, heavy drinking and complex relationships. 
My name is Catriona and I am a Mad Men addict!
Vanity Fair directed a photoshoot involving two of the leading characters; Don and Betty Draper (played by Jon Hamm and January Jones). The images they produced are so beautiful they have to  be shared; even months after they were taken!






Although the real secret to the series' success is,  in my humble opinon, due to the magic created through the work of costume designer Janie Bryan. The work she has created within the series has spilled out into catwalks and ad campaigns since the year Mad Men started in 2008. From American to Chinese Vogue, and Michael Kors to Louis Vuitton, the world has gone mad for Mad Men!  

PhotobucketPhotobucketI recommend you get watching!

Monday, 11 April 2011

If The Shoes Fits...

Impossibly high, gravity defying and potentially problematic while walking a distance of greater than 100 metres – ah, the wonders of heels!  They pinch our toes in ways we never knew possible… but they’re so pretty, right?!
As a vertically challenged shoe obsessive, I openly admit having gone to the ridiculous heights in footwear to achieve that long legged look all over the catwalk.  And surprisingly, despite any pain endured due to the sky scraping designs I chose to hobble and wobble on, I wouldn’t give them up for the world…
But after watching the array of biker boots Karl Lagerfeld recently sent down the runway for Chanel this season I wonder if I may have to reconsider my high-test attitude. Lagerfeld’s girls stomped proudly down the catwalk with a tangible strength and power as they donned the boyish boots in a variety of laced, buckled and printed forms.
The decision to include drastically different footwear on the catwalk was not one without risk. Paris fashion week’s contributors pulled some show stopping heels out of the bag for their Autumn/Winter 2011 collections.  To look at the rubber dominatrix boots of Louis Vuitton, or the Palais 105 Pumps by Yves Saint Laurent, proves that the power of the heel is a force not to be reckoned with. Yet Chanel’s girls did not fall short in the midst of these wonders and stood out amongst the toppling crowd.
The real magic behind these boots is the innovative way they represent the boy/girl trend tipped to be a highlight of Autumn/Winter 2011.  The introduction of key wardrobe pieces alike to these Chanel boots will be enable us to really combine street style with high fashion. They are a realistic representation of what many young woman want to dress like now.
Accessible AND comfortable?  If it’s good enough for Chanel, it’s good enough for me.




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