Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Live Fast, Die Young

When the tragic news of Amy Winehouse's death was posted on Saturday evening, I suspect the wave of regret I felt was ricocheted  the world over. 
A sad truth about music today is that one too few "artists" actually write their own songs as well as to then perform them. She was one of the few. A true talent, a captivating performer and damn, could she sing! She had the amount of soul and essence required to make a grown man weak at the knees; and to turn every song she rasped that beautiful voice around into a hit. She wowed the world, but sadly in the past few years her ability to captivate a crowd was not due to her immense talent but to the addictive and destructive lifestyle she found her way into that was then splashed across the press for the "viewing" of the public. It became worryingly obvious that Amy had found herself down a path of no return and her passing has affected many, but surprised none.

Her young age; the infamous 27, has brought back into the limelight the phenomenon "27 Club." Unnervingly the title comes from the group of influential musicians who all passed at the age of 27. And after recently browsing the "Club" members, I've realised just how vast the numbers are. 
Club 27 really does consist of some of the most notorious musicians who have shaped music standards even in the present day. But we can't help but wonder, where would they be today?  Is it really " better to burn out than to fade away." Well, I guess we'll never know. 

Amy Winehouse: 

Jimi Hendrix:

There are many myths and theories around the Forever 27 Club, such as that the musicians predicted their own deaths. But I feel the Club has enough of our favourites now and I hope the end is here.


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