Saturday, 19 November 2011

Issue 1

This week sees the launch of a new biannual magazine, The Hunger, brought to us from Rankin;  photographer and publisher of Dazed & Confused, AnOther, and AnOther Man. Described as seeking "cultural progression and distinction," the publication will no doubt fly off shelves, perhaps for no greater reason than Rankin's reputation. 

But what really breaks the mould about this new magazine is the simultaneous launch of (live now). The site is a stimulating visual experience, filled with exclusive in-depth interviews and fashion films of those in the magazine. The website successfully addresses the current issues of fashion communication as it openly embraces the move towards digital technology in combination with the glossy. The move towards video to me feels like what should be the future of fashion publication.

"Cheryl Cole feels the heat in our bright, dancehall-inspired shoot." Usually I'm not the greatest fan of Cheryl in a fashion context, but her made-down appearance for the shoot portrays a new side to the singer. Music is provided by The Alpines and coincidentally is one of my favourite current tracks.

"A weird and wonderful journey for Tuuli as she wanders the streets of LA." This futuristic, monochromatic clip depcits the story of a troubled female space-like character and is visually impressive.
"Portia Freeman models plastic and transparency for The Hunger, exploring the world of the hyperreal." Glamorous and full of lustre, this video is player over another great track by Boys Noize and somehow makes cellophane sexy.

Of course, Rankin is known for his photography. Links to some of the amazing stills are available on the site. 


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